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single/double sphere rubber connector

Item No.: KTX-16
Flexible rubber expansion joint is a kind of pipeline system joint which has the performance of high elasticity, media resistance and weather resistance. It consists of inner layer rubber, reinforcing layer with polyester cord fabric and outside layer rubber with compounded rubber pipeline. And they have the performance of heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance and oil resistance respectively.  
JGD series curved rubber connector is mainly used in metal pipelines whose medium is gas or liquid for flexible connection.

1.Sizes: 40mm - 300mm
2. Body: polarity rubber
3. Material of flange: carbon steel
4 .Inside lining: nylon burlap
5. Skeleton: hard steel wire
6. Pressure: 1.6MPa (16kg)
7. Suitable temperature: -15°C - 115°C even -30°C - 250°C
8. Suitable media: air, water, sea water, hot water, weak acid.