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fluorine lined butterfly valve

Item No.: D71X-16C
Lined with fluorine butterfly valve, lined rubber butterfly valve as a system used to achieve on-off and flow control system components, has been in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, hydropower and other fields have been extremely widely used. In th

worm gear/handle operate wafer cast steel anti-corrosion fluorine lined butterfly valve

Product details

Body material Ductile Iron,casting steel, stainless steel
Standard API, DIN, JIS, GB
Connection wafer
Certificate ISO9001:2008 TS,CE,API
Application Petorleum,Chemical,Medicine,Fertilizer,Food and corrosive medium.
Function Cut off/Closure.
Feature Anti-corrosion,Simple structure,Sealing feature is good.
Lined material PTFE FEP PFA PO FRPP

Suitable temperature


Applicable medium:
Any organic solvent or reagent, dilute or concentrated mineral acids, bases, ketones, aromatics, chlorinated hydrocarbons and the like.

Main Features

1) Corrosion resistance.Because the parts of the contact medium are lined with fluorine plastic (lined with F46 or PFA), the acid and alkali resistance is strong. 

2) No leakage.With the valve core (ball of the ball valve, butterfly plate), the seat is lined with fluorine plastic (F46 or PFA), which is a soft seal to ensure no leakage.

3) Good seal performance.Control valve, shutoff valve, stop valve 1.6 Mpa under the four-fluorine bellows seal, sealing performance is good.

4) Small flow resistance and large circulation ability.

5)If the valve locator is used, the proportional adjustment is achieved.

6) The valve can be equipped with various types of electric actuators and form the zdwf-16 electric plastic butterfly valve